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About Us

Daniele and Laura met in 2021 while working together in outpatient therapy.  They quickly realized that their passion, patient care, and vision aligned perfectly.  After finding frustration balancing family and work life, they decided to make the leap and start their own private practice.  They wanted to start a company that was genuinely family focused, both for their patients and employees.   

Our Mission

Our mission at Tidal Therapy Solutions is to provide quality Speech and Occupational therapy that transcends into patient successes through education, collaboration, and personalized care.

Our Vision

At Tidal Therapy Solutions, we strive to provide the highest quality of care that encourages the utmost functional independence and success.  We strive to provide the education required to maximize patient gains and success long past discharge. We believe in providing treatment in the children’s most natural environment. which is why we provide services within the community.  We take pride in treating the entire patient.  We incorporate individualized treatment plans, goals, and priorities.   We try to figure out the “why” behind the diagnosis so that we might collaborate effectively with other health care professionals to improve carry over and quality of life.


Meet the Owners

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