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We are so proud to have our families tell you their experiences.

"We reached out to Tidal Therapy hoping to resume Speech and OT when we moved here from Florida, we immediately heard back that day and they answered all of my questions and even did the physicians order request to our pediatrician.  They came to our house, working with our schedule and on evaluation day the speech therapist discovered that my daughter had a tongue and lip tie (she's 10 years old!) tTheoccupational therapist measured her shoulders and neck and started doing stretches and exercises with her that have helped tremendously that she is now sleeping better and even in her own room.  It's only been 4 weeks and we have seen a dramatic improvement in C's speech, eating, and sleeping, she even is having less anxiety.  They are truly an amazing team!"

"Daniele started seeing A at the age of 3 when he was practically nonverbal that caused him to not be able to communicate with peers or general public.  From the very beginning he was always treated with love and respect by her and it has been 2.5 years in therapy and she is now like family to my son.  I tell you honestly that my son enjoys going to therapy and that says a lot!  You have given hi back his confidence and taught him that it's ok to be different but also given him the strategies to use towards more fluent speech.  Daniele you are amazing and we thank God for placing you in our lives every day.  We wouldn't be where we are today without your love and support.  A is always so happy to see you.  You are a true asset to any parent kiddo combo and we are so happy.  And finally thank you for always being so organized and professional.  Thank you for supporting our family and always being a light at the end of a tunnel, are always so positive and we appreciate that."

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